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Cement Industries Company (Cementix) has had a dynamic presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2007 and is one of the Investment partners of Saudi Industries Company Tatweer.

A leading Concrete producer, we remain a key partner to your success – focused on providing concrete products that conform to the highest standard of International Standard Specifications.

Years of valuable experience and knowledge of the Saudi Market requirements position us to contribute to the development of the Ready-Mixed Concrete Industry.

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Fleet of vehicles and maintenance

Maintenance is the most important component of successful work in industrial projects, especially


concrete plants. Therefore, Cementex has sought to provide

Qualified and trained maintenance team at the highest levelsThe presence of integrated central maintenance workshops

Products and services

Cement Industries Company Limited – Cementix provides a complete set of technologicallyadvanced concrete additives that meet the requirements of contractors in concrete products Thestrength and durability of construction operations are among the most important challenges faced by pre-fabricated concrete producers, in addition to the aesthetic appearance, the characteristics of sustainability and safe use.

About Us

And the company’s expansion policies were developed and updated in 2019 to establish entities in the main cities of the Kingdom and to serve strategic projects through the readiness to establish fixed and mobile central concrete stations with all their accessories according to the direction and requirements of major projects. We also strive to provide the best trained technical personnel to serve customers with a guarantee The highest standards of quality .

Do you have a project and looking for quality and speed?

We are proudly proud to present you Cement Industries Company (Cementix) as one of the investments of the Saudi Industries Development Company, which seeks to be your partner in success .