Vision & Mission :

Our Slogan: ( Concrete Reliability )

  • Our Vision:

To be a pioneering leader in the modern manufacture of Ready-Mix Concrete and Cement Products. Reaching unparalleled levels of product quality and maximum service efficiency through the successful application of the latest technologies.


  • Our Mission:

Manufacture and delivery of premium quality cement products – on time, at the established location, and at reasonable prices.


  • Our Goals
  • To represent the customer’s first choice.
  • Expand our reach to the key cities whilst accomplishing strategic projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the most outstanding level of quality service.
  • To add value to customers by meeting their highest needs and requirements.


  • Our Values:
  • Customer-centric: We put our customers first; providing the products that comply with all their demands; delivering on-time and at the place specified.
  • Supplier Partnership: Suppliers are key pillars of our business. We have developed lasting partnerships and trusts over the years ensuring a more streamlined, effective supply chain.
  • Sustainability: Preserving the environment is a vital part of our commitment and social responsibility. We work together to protect the planet, employing the most efficient methods for success.
  • Valuing our People: Employees are our most important asset. We are partners in achieving growth and success for the business.