Research & Development :

The progress of modern day industries revolves around Research and Development. In our establishment, we place great emphasis on these disciplines, taking into account the challenges we face while being operating amidst special geographic and climatic conditions, in addition to the Saudi arabia kingdom environment protection and sustainability initiatives.


Among the most significant challenges we face are the issues of durability and service life of concrete products we provide. High temperatures, high humidity and the nature of the desert land, in addition to the global climate change taking place at these moments, all have driven us to open various channels of cooperation with research centers, and to restructure our own research units and conduct new methodology.


In order to achieve our goals, we are now cooperating with leading universities, research institutes, consultants, contractors and specialized raw material suppliers, all of which are in the essence of the quality and prospected achievement we anticipate. We work in trusted and reliable partnership on research and development to promote innovative materials, new concrete in application, creative ideas, and eco-friendly applications.


In order to be in compliance with the Saudi arabia kingdom initiative towards maintaining environmental protection and implementing eco-friendly solutions, we became involved in research projects that improve regional codes and specifications in collaboration with regularity bodies and standardization authorities.


Empowered by commitment of top management, our establishment is applying a new diversity and specialty initiative supported by suitable inspiring work environment. We work on employing wide variety of different nationality employees with various specialties and diverse technical expertise who are able to take initiative and transfer company product and processes into high added value solutions. Furthermore, we are ensuring a fertile culture of knowledge-intensive and communication to encourage creativity, innovation and sense of ownership, in addition to comfortable and efficiently equipped office work facilities.